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Understand your child's Natural ability, Learning style, Level of Focus, Creativity, Decision Making & Dynamic IQ, Core Skills & the Gifted Career path

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cognalysis junior
cognalysis junior
Nursery-Grade 1

To identify & measure gaps on 4 critical parameters about the child

“Intellectual, (Pi) Physical Intelligence, (Si) Social Intelligence, (Ei) Emotional Intelligence”

To know the Learning Nature of the child early in the age “Preferred Learning Style, Natural Ability & Strengths”

Rs.4800/- (incl. annual solutions)

Grade 2 - Grade 8

To identify & measure gaps on 6 critical parameters 

“Focus, Decision Making Ability, dynamic IQ, Creativity, Estimation Level, Learning Efficiency” 

To know the Learning nature of the child “Preferred Learning Style, Learning Pace, Natural Ability & Gifted Skills”

Rs.4800/- (incl. annual solutions)

Grade 9 - Grade 10

To identify & select the most suitable stream based on scientific evaluation of “Strengths, Learning Style, Natural Ability & Skills”

To identify & measure gaps on 4 critical parameters“Focus, Decision Making Ability, dynamic IQ & Confidence”


PROCESS & Duration
60 Minutes
For Grades 9th & 10th | Online 
Goal is to identify & select the most suitable stream choice out of Arts, Commerce, Medical or Non-Med. Also find out your natural ability & core skills.
30-90 Minutes
For Grades 2 to 8 | Online
Goal is to identify the Complete Learning Nature, Level of Focus, Decision Making, IQ, Creativity, Cognitive Efficiency, Learning Pace, Career Path
Cognalysis Jr.
No time limit
For Nur to Grade 1 Parents Only | Online
Goal is to identify whether the child is ahead or behind her age in terms of intellectual, social, emotional intelligence growth & to find out Learning Nature

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Modern research has established that bookish knowledge or academic brilliance are not the key parameters for a great career. Most successful people in this world have a better brain, focus, decision making ability & ceativity. Most of these people are working in the field of their natural ability.

Our assessments help identify all these factors early in the age so that we can work upon it and give your child an early advantage. By understanding the learning nature of your child you can get amazing results!